silently cool (demos)

by brand new friend

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an ep of some of our earliest demos ~ recorded in bedrooms, gardens and conservatories between the summer of 2015 and february 2016.


released February 8, 2016



all rights reserved


brand new friend Castlerock, UK

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Track Name: you make me wanna grow up sometimes
lately my whole life has just lacked common sense
i'm trying to remember why i started

but i love you so i don't want to cause offense
tell me that you love me so i can go

you're the reason that i started trying
and you're the reason i'll probably give up

if you leave me
when i'm nothing
then my whole life will be forgotten

if you leave me
when i love you
then i'll never have the courage to break through
or grow up, or finally listen back to all my voicemail's

i can't keep filling all of my days like this
swimming in the ocean yeah it's fun

but it won't ever pay my bills or child support
you can't raise a family on a dream
Track Name: seat belts for aeroplanes
you're like a seat belt on an aeroplane with me lately
you're more to keep me feeling safe, than for actual safety
and for every single moment that you made me feel amazing
there are several other times that I felt kinda hazy

i know i was never your everything
but i hope i was something

so call me a taxi
and have it drop me at your feet
at least that's what I thought you said
& i'm scared, i'm scared, i'm scared, i'm scared
so don't go back to bed

sometimes when you cry I hear a whisper
i used to know what I meant by that but now I don't remember
and when we're both at work, not doing any work
i like to think about you smiling because i used to love you smiling
Track Name: night calls (interlude)
to turn this around
i'll work my fingers to the bone,
to build ourselves a better home

i'll never stop nightswimming to you

and when the night calls my name
i won't feel the same
Track Name: stolen
would you like to feel as broken as me?
i'm not quite sure you'd have the energy
so you'd like to feel static and all?
hear your breath while i'm in free fall

give me every chance to let go
of my burdens but i can't show
and i'm waiting for nothing at all
don't remind me, i know how this goes

stolen, straight from my heart
i needed you from the start
torn open, in front of my eyes
i need you, i don't need these lies

i hate driving alone in my car
as the sun goes up and it's just too far
and i'm driving and thinking of you
all the words and things i can't do
Track Name: sleep on my floor
we all grew up
got jobs
got apartments

we all sold out
got drunk
got arrested

we all turned in to people
we didn't really wanna be

we all found love
hated love
made ourselves sick

we all got scared
got lost
felt like dying

we all just played the game
we were never gonna win

come home and sleep on my floor
i swear you've been here before
i don't need you to tell me
that I'm still waiting for you

i felt like love was killing me slowly
convinced myself I enjoyed being lonely
until you took my hand, and we danced and we danced and we danced

fell under your spell
red dress
and a cigarette

original pirate material

the best night of my life
how could I ever lose?